About Us

The Heart of Avante

At Avante, we recognize the uniqueness in each individual and celebrate it. Our goal? Craft jewelry that resonates with your unique narrative and spirit.

We are rooted in family values, ensuring the comfort and joy of our dear ones always come first. Our space is a haven of warmth and inclusivity, making every patron feel cherished and at ease.

Proudly Latina-owned, we celebrate diversity's strength and power. Each individual, with their distinctive flair, deserves jubilation. Our designs aim to amplify that individuality, letting you wear your story with pride.

Innovation drives us. "Avante," translating to "forward" in Portuguese, embodies our ethos of constant evolution and progression. Every jewelry piece is a testament to our commitment to offering unparalleled experiences.

Our founding principles remain our compass, illuminating our journey as we evolve.

May every Avante creation radiate our values, bringing delight and pride to its wearer.


Craftsmanship at Avante

Avante champions enduring quality for daily adornment. Our creations are meticulously crafted, predominantly from sterling silver or stainless steel, accentuated with 14k or 18k gold plating. Some designs incorporate elements like resin, polymer clay, silicone, and more. Accentuating many are cubic zirconia and enamel. Specific materials are detailed in each product description. Rest assured, our jewelry is free from nickel and lead.


Join Our Journey

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Here's to a luminous future. Avante!